Thursday, 15 November 2012

Is it all fairy tale?

" The thingamabob, that does the job, is "Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo." Fairy Godmother (Cinderella)

Whilst out and about this week, I got chatting to a lovely lady who, although insisted she was no closer to getting married, was rather perplexed by the whole notion of choosing a wedding dress.  "Where do you start?" was the question.  This made me wonder… how do you choose a gown, and can everybody have a ‘Fairy Godmother’?

The more I browse the wedding magazines and the bridal shops, with their mountains of perfect white gowns all sparkling enticingly under the sharp Halogen crystals, it occurred to me that there would be no way I personally could choose from the many forms of magical moments that potentially face me. Each piece represents somebody’s ideal of a wedding dress and all I can think is “I hope that when it comes to it, my fairy Godmother shows up”

It is often while having these random chats with brides-to-be or new acquaintances about what your job entails, that the real understanding of your role in a bride’s ‘big day’ comes to light.  I had never realised the pressure that is involved when helping a bride pick the dress.  It is something I have naturally found easy and enjoy; this is possibly due to my lack of wedding imagination as a child.  I was never one for being the ‘Princess’ or scrap-booking ideas for my big day.  I have no desire to put a bride in something I would want to wear (I simply would have no idea what that is).

What I do love about a wedding is simply this; that it belongs to two people, they want to share it with all their friends and family and they create a day that belongs to them. Sounds gushy? Well I may not have had a dream wedding in mind since a child but I have always loved a happy ending.  

This is the core belief that I have when I meet a new bride; I listen to what their idea of a wedding is and how they would like to look.  
Translating these ideas into designs is the fun part, with my Costume Design background its similar to being given a character and designing something that helps an audience understand who they are.  Within bridal it not the audience you are helping though, it is the Bride. With so many options available you can forget who you are and in worst cases even be saddened by the fact you are not seeing what you imagined.   The bride is the leading lady and the stage backdrop is the wedding day... this can be terrifying.   

I believe that a wedding dress should look incomplete without the bride it is made for.

Playing around in the studio we try and come up with new ways to help express peoples personalities’, researching historical designs and modern techniques, trying to keep on top of what is, forever changing in this industry.  

This week I got a little caught up with creating looks using the same fabrics but matching them to different personalities, (thank you friends who I may have sampled!) though not ground breaking, it was fun to do and  I do love the fact that exactly the same materials can create quite different looks and the options for design are superiorly endless. 

This then brought me right back to the conversation I had had earlier in the week and it occurred to me, “A bride may need a Fairy Godmother but ultimately we need the Bride!”.

Talk to you next week! 

For more images and some hints for fairy tale dresses have a look at our pinterest page Board 'BBB - Fairy Tale'

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