Wednesday, 7 November 2012

The Blossoming of Spring.

"Spring time... the only pretty ring time"

William Shakespeare.

I love the arrival of Spring, flowers pop colour through wild un-manicured lawns that have suffered the long winter and come through the other end looking green and bright.   Longer days and early sunrises highlight the remnants of the winter haze that hug the tree trunks and clear the air for bright blue skies revealing a time for frolicking in the garden... a bit much?  Possibly, but this is one of my favourite seasons. 

BBB- Spring Colour Palette 
When it comes to a spring wedding I often am drawn to fresh pastel tones and ivory whites that hold the warmth of the weather to come and emulate the freshness of spring.

This gives the perfect opportunity to infuse colour tones throughout your wedding, whether it is with a simple soft floral bouquet or being as bold as putting colour within your gown, it may also suit you however to simply use your bridal party as the colour palette, it is about the soft tones and light fresh colours that help reflect this time of year. 

Lightweight floaty fabrics catch the breeze and waft about giving a true romance to a walk down the aisle or a first dance.  Mixing French Chantilly Laces with Silk Chiffons or Georgette can keep your gown soft and lightweight but allow for some structure, which can be perfect for a time of year where the nights can get chilly and guests may favour jackets over cardigans.

Danae - Beautiful Bird Bride
(Photograph Brides Own)

Danae - BBB
 (Photograph Brides Own)

Lightweight laces are so good to use to make a bolero or cropped jacket, these merge well with the softness of chiffon or georgette.  The open pattern often used in Chantilly laces sits well on the skin and can cover the shoulders while keeping them a little softer by revealing the skin beneath its intricate patterns.

Chantilly laces are often found in a multitude of colours and a lace bolero or lace detailing through a dress can be a subtle way to introduce a splash of soft colour.  Pastel tones in laces are often very fine this can help to make a dress feel delicate and airy, almost effortless.  Lace detailing through the bust, under-bust or as straps can give soft fabrics a bit of detail without over powering and weighing it down.  

If you prefer something a little less traditional using fabrics such as Silk Organza is a fabulous alternative to the soft limp fabrics such as Silk Chiffon or Georgette.   

Silk Organza is one of our most favoured fabrics at Beautiful Bird Boutique.  It is such a sculptural fabric that can be both  soft and strong with the shapes that we can create.  It catches the wind and floats when you walk, it is also lots of fun and makes you want to spin around in circles like a 5 year old in their first party dress. ( This has been reported to me by one of our brides!).  

Silk Organza also absorbs dyes so well, making it a perfect fabric for introducing colour without having to add too many layers that can lead to a heavier feeling gown.

Alysia - Beautiful Bird Bride
(Photography Fi Mims)
For those of you who like the 'synch', a corset is also an excellent canvas for colour blending, mixing lighter tones can soften the lines of a corset and turn it into a very spring fitting gown.

Belinda - Beautiful Bird Boutique
(Photographs brides own)
Belinda - Beautiful Bird Boutique
(Photographs brides own)

Spring weddings are beautiful and using soft colours within your gown can really make a statement without being too over powering, however, for those who don't fancy venturing down that path a clean soft Ivory gown will also do the trick quite nicely.  

Lara - Beautiful Bird Boutique
(Photograph Adrian Tuazon Photography)

Lara - BBB
(Photograph Adrian Tuazon Photography)

Its all about how you see the season that can interpret your perfect spring wedding, for me it will always be bouncy spring lambs, fields of Blue bells and bright fresh days...and possibly a little bit fluffy! 


If you would like to see some of my visual inspirations when thinking of spring visit the Beautiful Bird Pinterest page.

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