Tuesday, 4 December 2012

He asked and I said yes...Now...Where do I start?.

"Start at the very beginning, it's a very good place to start..."  Julie Andrews - The sound of music.

It can be from early childhood or simply from when he asked you; the ideas for your wedding day start rolling in. What will you wear?  Who will be bridesmaids? Could it be overseas? Would great Aunt Ethel be able to make it?...  

When I take the time to think about how I would like my wedding day to be, it is almost like I am dreaming (and not because I am yet to be asked) but because all the ideas I have are fragmented.  You try and grab solid memory from your nights sleep so you can tell your friends about your fabulous dream only to realise it makes no sense and all you have is snippets of images that really don't blend.

This is the perfect starting point for planning a wedding!

Throw everything you love into the mix!
The dress, the venue, the bridesmaids, the table centres, the lack of table centres, the flowers, the shoes, the tux, the car, the food, the wine... the list goes on, they all need to work together to make a cohesive day that you will remember fondly and want to re-live over and over.  This may sound daunting... I would suggest not to worry, you have to have a little bit of faith in your own style and personality, for this is really what it all comes down to.

I was recently asked about Bridal Gown ideas for a wedding that is somewhere on the horizon but with no cemented details.  This bought up the conversation about 'where do you start?, where might the wedding be held? In doors, out doors, function rooms, marquee.  What flowers will be in season?  What season shall I Pick? etc...  There are SO many options that you really do have to start somewhere... So I suggest this,  throw ALL your ideas out there!

When you look through magazines and I don't just mean Bridal Magazines, all types of mags; the gossip mags, the fashion mags, travel brochures, interior decorating, food mags... your aim is to start collecting images of the things you like; the neck line of a top, the fit of a dress, the colour of wallpaper, the beach, the sparkles on a cup cake,  the moonlight over a rippling river, etc.  All these images will start to build an idea of where and how you are going to celebrate your big day.

Ball gowns on the beach?
These collections of images can be done in a week or it could have been done over the past few years;  I do suggest however,  before the paper cuts start bleeding and half your wedding budget has been spent on magazines, every now and then go through your images and lay them out to see the direction you are heading in.  You may be pleasantly surprised, for the person who thought they had no idea may be actually quite focused. 

Unfortunately this can also be the point where some people get lost and want to throw in the towel;  at beautiful bird we help to guide people through their choices, selecting and discarding images and ideas to create the perfect over all look... this is what I always suggest for my brides to do...

Ball gowns in Billiard Room.

Try and order your images so that they work together, for example you may love a structured dress with corseting and a figure hugging silhouette, but put that somewhere in the Mediterranean on a beach with coconut cocktails and white sands you may start to see that they clash a little.

This is where you can start getting rid some of your images; If it is the gown you love then you can push the beach aside (just for now) and see if it works with any of your other images, maybe a 'glass of red', a chandelier and possibly and glass fronted room that looks over the roof tops of a sparkling night time city.

Ball Gowns in Bordeaux.
It is all these little things that can help you to decipher exactly what it is that you want for your wedding day, you will find the things that you really, really don't want to change and things that you are happy to let go of.

Do take time and really look at what you like in the image you have chosen, sometimes it isn't actually the product in the image you have selected, it can simply be the way it makes you feel.  Take note of your reactions, these can help when you get down to your final few choices and when you start piecing it all together.

I believe that unless you have thrown all your ideas into the pot together your wedding day may lack the ingredients that make it about you.
Ladies it is always worth keeping in mind, as excited as you may be, the 'Dress' is what makes you look and feel amazing on the day, but the wedding day as a whole is something you will remember forever.

Photography - Benedict Morgan

Brides Own Photograph

Chat soon.

I would personally like to thank, Vogue, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, Dita Von Teese and all the other fabulous models and designers who took part in my wedding  boards.  
            Thank You.

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  1. Very informative Kavis.....now where do I start! Just kidding you've given me the starting point :)