Tuesday, 11 December 2012

One Size Fits All... Doesn't it?

Just because you can buy it in your size, doesn't mean you can wear it!  ....                                 Chris Avis (my mum)

After a week of disastrous shopping, trying to find clothes to fit my heavier bust, slight ‘spare tyre’ (that seems to change depending on the weather) and my minimal hips my appreciation for pattern makers grew immensely.

Having the pleasure and privilege to work with an amazing pattern maker has helped me realise they are either highly under rated or simply misunderstood.  Patterns do not just fall out of thin air and a pattern maker is not there just to add extra cost onto your dress!

It starts as a scribble on a piece of paper.

Pattern makers are trained individuals very much like surgeons; they train for years to learn the craft of proportions and shaping.  Working out how to cover a person’s body with a design, which ultimately starts as a scribble on a piece of paper.  Most importantly they make it to fit you!

When you want to buy a fabulous dress for that special occasion you quite possibly have a boutique or shop that you ‘love’, this can be for a number of reasons; you like the designs, the clothes fit you well, whenever you go in, there is always something you want to buy.  

 Finding a special place like this can be a mixture of all these things or it can simply just be luck. 

BBB House Model
Photography Adrian Tuazon
BBB House Model
Photography Adrian Tuazon

Most boutiques, shops or even designers will often have a house model, all the samples are usually made for this person, this is why when they are aired at fashion launches, photo shoots and in advertising campaigns the model looks as if the dress has been made for her… Well it often has!   
It’s possible that you have similar proportions to the house model, or you could love the garment so much you don’t notice the floors (Slight gaping on the bust, tightness over the midriff, slightly too long).

When it comes to Bridal gowns however, why would you take the risk by not having a gown made for you?   You may find you become more aware or even picky about the finish of your gown; for you are going to be the centre of attention and all eyes will be on you.

Tweaking the bust, nipping in the waist or letting out the hip is not quite the same as having a garment made especially for you and with all these talented pattern makers out there, why wouldn't you utilise the tools available to you? 

An Artists Tools
With their expert skill and knowledge, they fashion a garment that works every perfection and desire for you and your gown.  

With one of the biggest moments you may encounter in your life you should want to feel like the time and effort has been spent making you look, feel and be as beautiful as you are.  

A 'statement' wedding dress does cost more then your average gown, this is because there can often be more complications in design, more fabric involved and it may have foundations such as large petticoats.  With all this in mind, really it therefore, should be made to fit you!

Sometimes it is worth looking at things from a slightly different perspective; a pattern maker is an artist in their own right, whose materials are rulers, maths and paper.  

Paper pattern to Fabric

Their craft comes from training, understanding and knowledge.  A good pattern maker has flair and can see a sketch through to actual garment without changing the look of the desired outcome.   They use your body measurements as the foundation that their pattern then develops from.  

Curvature in a pattern piece.

Understanding this may help you to see that the extra money that may be required when having a pattern made and a dress designed for you is worth every penny. 

For if your budget allows there is nothing better then treating yourself to what is basically 'Wedding Dress Pampering'.  Relaxing, Safe and Serene… An excellent way to start your big day!

For those of you who may not have previously realised the importance of a pattern maker I hope I have enlightened you a little; hopefully it is enough to get you to support them, for we have to keep them in business otherwise we risk loosing what is ultimately the foundation of any garment and before you know it the latest trend may simply be just a sack!

Chat Soon!

Natalie Hutton

Over the years of working together I have gained the utmost respect for Natalie Hutton, without whom Beautiful Bird would not be able produce the garments and gowns we have become so respected for. 

A pattern maker extraordinaire!

Thank you

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